Oct. 29, 2008

Birthday Boy

Lots of facebook birthday greetings today from friends. Not much celebration of my 48th otherwise. I had a nice lunch with Sheryl at the Senses cafe (spelled "Sen5es"), a family meal on Sunday at my sister's, got a few calls from friends, had a little supermarket cake after dinner with my son.

With my stage wifeBut it was festive yesterday! I got a last-minute role in a music video for Jaydee Bixby, who has done a country cover of Cliff Richard's song 21st Century Christmas. I only crossed paths with Jaydee briefly, but we heard his takes (catchy...). For some of them he was performing in sync with a sped-up tape; on final playback it would be returned to normal speed. He told me it was a difficult, but the director wanted to accentuate his expression for dramatic effect when slowed back down. My role was "wealthy father", part of a family that was materialistic, distracted, and disappointed by their presents. Another couple had the roles of poor-but-grateful family. I hope I spot the video when it hits TV!

Presqu'ile ParkThe weekend was spent at a friend's cottage with my fellow Toronto Triathlon Club executives, discussing the past season's activities, planning for next year, and drinking... It looks like I'll be Vice President next year. We did manage to get a run in on Saturday afternoon, although a hearty lunch of chilli made the last 5K "uncomfortable." I left right after breakfast on Sunday to get back into town for Sheryl's granddaughter's first birthday lunch, so I missed the planned bike ride.

Final bit of adventure last week; I drove to Buffalo and back on Friday before heading out to my friend's cottage. My sister-in-law asked me to carry some of her Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods gourmet sauces over the border for a potential distributor to evaluate. 412K round trip, seven hours of sitting in my car (and then two more getting to the cottage). Whew.

Still recovering from my recent marathon. I'm looking forward to a bit of down time before I start scheduling the 2009 training regime!

Listening to: 21st Century Christmas by Cliff Richard from 21st Century Christmas.

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