Aug. 12, 2008

Scene of the Crime

I took Sheryl's dog Barkley to the dog park this morning. While he was sniffing around oblivious to lifeforms that weren't human or canine a Golden Retriever was on the hunt. The dog spotted a squirrel a hundred or so feet away that it thought it had a chance of getting and took off. He got it all right... There was a terrible thrashing and some desperate squeaks. It was over in about ten seconds. Everyone was upset and the owner had a hell of a time convincing the dog to drop the poor squirrel's lifeless body.

In less awful news I discovered a neat web site yesterday that creates a configurable "word cloud" from a block of text or the text of a web site. The link is and here is what this blog looks like, today, when viewed through the Wordle filter. Click on it to see a larger version.

"Wordle" for my blog

Oh yeah, the Olympics have been underway for the better part of a week... I didn't watch the opening ceremonies but I have been watching some of the sports coverage. Obligatory anti-pageantry comment: why did China spend so much effort extolling their cultural history when in reality they are so busy paving it over? I suppose the question is the answer.

The swimming always attracts my attention; it's been amazing watching Michael Phelps reel in the records. I wonder if he'll gather the eight golds everyone is predicting? I've also been enjoying the gymnastics. The men are amazing, but for some reason the women's performances are more compelling. Maybe it's because they seem so young to be under such pressure. It looks like we'll have to wait for the rowing to see any Canadian appearances on the podium.

I'm off for an easy run now, a week and a half until Ironman Canada!

Listening to: Monkey Gone To Heaven by The Pixies from Doolittle.

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