May 30, 2008

Two Sides to Every Story

I had a TV audition this morning; "husband and wife having a romantic evening." No dialog, we each had a separate back story to have in mind as we pretended to cook together.

My back story: Still madly in love with my wife, not feeling well lately. Got some bad medical test results but not going to tell her just yet.

My audition partner's back story, which I learned after the audition when we compared notes: She's having an affair that he doesn't know about, but tonight's romance convinces her to give him a chance to win her heart back.

Just one word - Yike!

In more mundane news, some of my last running clinic students took me out for a beer last night, immediately after the new class had their first session. Nice to kick back with some new friends... Spacco is a massive single's scene though!

Tonight Sheryl and I are going to try to catch my friend Andy racing in the Toronto Criterium cycling race downtown, on Sunday morning I'll be starting my own racing season in the Milton Triathon. I am just itching to get going!

Listening to: Apologize by OneRepublic from Dreaming Out Loud.

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