May 29, 2008


Yesterday evening my final CompuTrainer ride at Absolute Endurance was co-opted by an indoor time trial. There were 15 people on their bikes getting ready for a 40K "race", all connected to CompuTrainer stationary bike trainers. I chose to ride along with them.

The ride was a 40.23K flat course, with 16 bikes including mine. I arrived shortly before the race started, but I had biked 4K to the gym so I was warmed up. I didn't know the guy beside me but he was a hell of a rider. We sprinted off together. I discovered that the computer system had "drafting" enabled, so if I stayed in the virtual range of 16 - 6 feet behind him my resistance dropped considerably. We were maintaining 38 kph, but drafting behind him I was only putting out 200 watts compared to his 300. Sweet! I offered to "pull" part of the time, but he was really focussed. I'm not sure what the regulations are in a real time trial. Probably "no drafting" like a typical triathlon.

I drafted the first 20K quite nicely, with a heart rate as low as an amazing 100 bpm. But a moment of inattention led to my being dropped. So sad. I had to up my output to about 250 watts and heart rate to about 160 bpm to keep an average speed of 35 KPH without the draft. I soldiered on and finished about three minutes behind my riding companion, about three minutes ahead of everyone else and in third place overall. Another rider on the other CompuTrainer system was the overall winner, another further couple of minutes ahead.

I was pretty shattered at the end of it, but still had to ride home quickly in order to join up with Sheryl and her family for a little get together.

Monday afternoon I spent an hour swimming back and forth in the ice-cold waters of Lake Ontario for the Discovery Channel. Can't say anything else until the footage airs, but it was an amusing experience! KT Tunstall, opening for Sheryl Crow, was performing nearby so we had a great soundtrack.

Listening to: Black Horse And The Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall from Eye to the Telescope.

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