Mar. 10, 2008

Culture Update

Automotive IronySo I have survived the blizzard(s) of March 2008. We got two big snow falls within a few days of each other, but it looks like a $20,000,000 snow removal operation will not be required as was the case last month. This poor Hummer was entombed during last month's snow falls.

I finally saw the great new Coen Brothers film No Country for Old Men last weekend. I had wanted to catch it at the Toronto International Film Festival, but never got a chance. It reminded me of their first film, Blood Simple. Nothing wrong with that... Both films revolve around two hard-bitten characters on a bloody and remorseless collision course. Bit of a bigger budget this time 'round though. I also saw The Counterfeiters, a nuanced Holocaust film based on the true story of Jewish artisans forced to carry out a Nazi counterfeiting scheme.

I've finally got around (ironically enough) to starting a book my mother loaned me called Oblomov. It's a classic of 19th-century Russian literature about "a really lazy guy." I'm enjoying it, but I think Mum's trying - very subtly - to tell me something, which adds an irritating layer to the experience...

I was back at Absolute Endurance with my Running Room 5K Clinic a while ago for a gait analysis session. Taking my turn on the pressure pad I discovered that I've been wearing the wrong shoes for two years! Not that I was complaining. Turns out I don't need "stability" shoes, I need "cushioning" shoes. My feet don't wobble, but they hit hard. Really hard. So I've got a new pair of Mizuno "Creation" shoes to get used to now, with only a few weeks to go before my first race of the season, 30K in Hamilton.

Listening to: Every Day Is Exactly The Same by Nine Inch Nails from Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Remixes).

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