Feb. 21, 2008

Someone is WRONG on the internet!

I've been enjoying the xkcd web comic for a while, it appeals to my inner nerd. This particular recent entry explains me to myself at last, and earns xkcd a spot on my "Series of tubes..." sidebar.

In iPhone news, I have recovered from "bricking" my iPhone by unwisely installing an update. A hack emerged a week ago that let me return to iPhone bliss and my broken Motorola Razr, the one that can't navigate or even dial "9", has been retired again... Lesson learned.

Winter BeachHere's an iPhone photo from the lake shore last weekend when Chris and I visited my parents. We could hear the howling wind and pounding waves and just had to investigate!

What's happening in my tiny world of endurance sports? I'm training for the 30K "Around the Bay" race in Hamilton at the end of March and riding my tri bike on a CompuTrainer once a week at a new facility called Absolute Endurance. They're in the building that since my childhood has housed a thrift shop. Funny to walk into it again after all these years!

Listening to: Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne from Welcome Interstate Managers.

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