Aug. 15, 2007


I went up to the roof patio at Sheryl's condo on Sunday night to try to see the Perseids meteor shower. Too much light pollution... We only saw three brief dim streaks. Sad! I remember the night in August of 2003 when a widespread power failure gave Toronto, along with parts of eastern North America, a truly dark night sky. After I dealt with the computer systems I was responsible for at the time I loved the experience. This photo I found on the 'net shows the night sky in Toronto during that blackout and then as seen "normally".

An article in the New Yorker about how little we see of the night sky from our cities. Apparently on a dark enough night even Jupiter casts a shadow! Time to join the International Dark-Sky Association and reclaim our sky. By the way, did you know that milk comes from cows? So does hamburger!

Listening to: Bring On the Night by The Police from Reggatta de Blanc.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Ben. I'm still in Oregon, my brother's funeral is Monday. Can you spare a Valium? :)