Aug. 14, 2007


My father's "wake" will be held in Regina this Sunday. I've just finalised my flight out Saturday evening and will book a hotel after a good(?) night's sleep. I've still got to get ready for my next Running Room clinic on Thursday evening, start preparing for a contract job with the Toronto International Film Festival (yea, I've got a job!) and get fitted for a hearing aid.

Hearing aid! Did I hear myself correctly? Yep. I'm going to be doing a TV commercial for just such a product in two weeks. I think I'll either be a "busy chef" or a "commodities trader". Mine will be fake, but it will be created the standard way. This will happen just as I finish moving into my new townhouse and before the Film Festival starts. While Chris is getting settled into his new high school...

I saw Moliere earlier this evening. Sheryl enjoyed it, probably for the 17th century costumes and great French estates. The film imagines that during an undocumented period of Moliere's life he lived the plot of his most famous comedy, Tartuffe. I found it entertaining but spotty and didn't really enjoy Romain Duris' performance as Moliere. Too late for any deep thoughts, so I'll sign out for now.

Listening to: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen from A Night at the Opera.

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