Jun. 20, 2007


Wet-suit friction burnDuring the 2K swim of my triathlon on Sunday morning my neck started to sting. This was because my wet-suit wasn't sitting just right against my neck. I had applied BodyGlide to prevent this sort of friction burn, but it seems I missed a spot. There was nothing I could do other than keep going.

This afternoon I finally decided I had to see how bad it was, and took a snapshot of the back of my neck. Not too bad, but I'll have to make sure I don't pick at it. I'll be going for another open water swim on Saturday morning.

I'm starting to get a bit nervous about my next race, a full Half Ironman event in just over two week's time. Not sure if I'm properly ready for it yet!

Listening to: Poor Boy by Split Enz from True Colours.

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