Jun. 6, 2007

Last Chance to See

I'm heading back out to Regina tomorrow morning to visit my father again. He's recovered a bit from his stroke, but the brain tumor that triggered it is not treatable. The prognosis is 1 - 3 months and he's moving to a palliative care facility shortly. This time I'll be bringing my son along so he can spend a final bit of time with his grandfather.

It's going to be a sad visit. I wonder if I'll see my father alive again... "See" you all next week.

Listening to: Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin from Greatest Stories Live.


  1. :( That's deeply saddening news. Good luck with the trip.

  2. It was a hard visit, but at least we were able to talk this time! I hope I'm able to get out again before he deteriorates too much further.