Jun. 11, 2007

Home again

FarewellI'm home again from another visit with my father in Regina. He's now in a palliative care ward, so it was a tough visit. I'm happy to report that although his brain and lung cancers are progressing he has made a partial recovery from his stroke. This visit he has been able to talk quite well and has good control of his left side. Not much for us to say though other than that we loved each other. I think that time will be short.

Chris came out with me this time, for what will surely be his last chance to see his grandfather. He later admitted that he was pretty nervous about going to the hospital, but felt better when he was able to talk to him and help us look after him. We visited twice a day while we were there, with a bit of free time while he slept. The cancer and pain medication have left him weak and often confused most afternoons.

During the down time I took my son to Rouleau, the town outside of Regina where they film the exterior shots for the popular television show Corner Gas. Chris is a big fan. My father was even able to use his film connections to get us onto the sound stage in Regina where they film the interior scenes. Chris loved it all, especially as we got to watch a bit of the filming (look for an episode that features a samurai sword this season).

I was glad to see Chris find some relief from our sad situation. I spent a lot of time running around Lake Wascana in the early morning, losing myself in the exertion and the scenery. It's been hard to process the emotions...

My Uncle Bob had come up from Australia to be with his brother, we accelerated our travel plans when we learned that he was going straight back to Perth rather than staying on in Regina for a while. I hadn't seen him since 1987, but I think he was overwhelmed by Dad's situation. We brought him with us to Rouleau; it was the only time during his stay that he'd been outside his hotel or the hospital.

Dad didn't say goodbye when we left, I don't know if he was too tired to understand what we were saying or didn't want to say the potentially final words.

Listening to: Phantom Limb by The Shins from Wincing the Night Away.

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