Feb. 25, 2007


London Plane Tree barkI went for my longest run this morning, 23K in 2:06, even though I had a bit of a scratchy throat. The run time was a bit slow because I ran into a friend, out for a walk with one of her friends, twice. The second time I slowed to a walking pace for three blocks so we could catch up. My running gloves were soaked with sweat and when I started running again the breeze chilled my fingers almost to the point of frost bite! This photo is the bark of a Plane tree I passed in the Mount Pleasant cemetery on my run. The texture caught my eye.

Well I'm watching the Oscars right now, getting into and out of bed depending on my temperature. I know I'm sick when I wear socks to bed and put ketchup on food. Watching the Oscars also counts a sign of physical malady...

Time to get back to bed, as I'm getting chilly again... Here's a new photo of Mars though, taken by the European space probe Rosetta as it swept past Mars. It's going to get four gravity boosts, one from Mars and three from Earth, to accelerate it fast enough to catch the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014. Might as well take some photos along the way!

One last gasp; I see that The Lives of Others has just won for Best Foreign Language Film. I saw it last night, it's a great film, about the brutality of an authoritarian state (East Germany), personal weakness and redemption.

Listening to: Shiver by Natalie Imbruglia from Counting Down The Days.

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