Feb. 20, 2007

Child Psychologist

I dropped in on my friend and captive notary public Brian on the weekend to get his signature on Chris' passport application. We ended up having a good catchup during which Brian asked Chris what he "wanted to do when he grew up." Chris replied that he wanted to be a psychologist. He's been devouring Psychology for Dummies lately. A pretty good plan, but we teased him for being a "child psychologist". He's been seeing plenty of medical professionals lately as we work out the best plan for his pending high school career.

I spent Monday morning at the passport office. In anticipation of the huge backlog that has resulted from the USA's new requirement (thanks to the war on terrah) for Canadians to present valid passports instead of just driver's licenses I brought a magazine and my fully charged iPod. Miraculously I was in and out in under three hours! We should have his passport in two weeks, just in time for his trip to England with his grandmother.

I took Chris to our local movie theatre Saturday night with my friend Adrian. We watched Letters from Iwo Jima, which my mother had recommended to Chris. It was beautifully filmed and depicted a compelling historical event, but the film was quite slow and I found it hard to connect with the characters. Chalk one up against subtitles this time. Chris didn't enjoy it at all, for the same reasons and because he's a bit squeamish...

Sunday started with another "epic" run, this time just of 20K in 1:39. Another cold day but sunny and still too, so a great run. I reset my iPod to the default calibration because my efforts to calibrate it to my running stride seem to have been counter-productive. When I get a chance I'll try to calibrate it again, but for now "default" seems more accurate. I managed to keep my heart rate down to an average in low 140's, but my heart rate monitor was continually pausing, so I only got about 40 minutes of readings. I ran with my older but better HRM, the one I thought I'd lost last spring that magically reappeared in my basement. Perhaps its battery is running down.

Listening to: No New Tale to Tell by Love and Rockets from Earth Sun Moon.

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