Jan. 21, 2007

Winter has arrived...

Winter Settles InThe temperature has finally dropped and this time the snow is going to stick around. I went for a 12K run on Friday; it was pretty cold, but also slippery on the compacted snow. Saturday afternoon I tried the new extended spinning class at my health club, ninety minutes long. I felt pretty good at the end of it but decided not to follow with a Sunday morning run with the Running Room crowd. Too cold and still too stiff! My feet were also still a bit sore from impacting on the uneven and slippery trail. I guess I'd better stick to cleared sidewalks unless there is a thaw.

Chris has been absorbed in the new addition to World of Warcraft, The Burning Itch (I mean Burning Crusade) so he's not keen to get outside either. He's also been "forced" to work on his school project, which is to learn a skill that he can demonstrate to his classmates. Belching is apparently out, as he chose paper airplane-making. We've had fun tracking down designs on the internet. Sadly Scientific American's classic The Great International Paper Airplane Book, which came out when I was his age, is not easily available.

I've been talking to my brother down in New York a lot more lately, but just on weekends. The reason? He's lost his home internet connection and he's jonesing for his e-mail hit. After a few minutes of chatting/life advice he asks if I'd mind checking his web-mail for him...

Listening to: Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) by Moby from 18.

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