Jan. 26, 2007

Colder than...

Step Away from the Fisheye...I went out for a run this afternoon, ended up doing 11.3K. Not exceptional, except that it was -7C! Brisk. I was well dressed for it though, and only had two problems. It took about 3K for me to warm up enough for my fingers to stop tingling, and towards the end my face started to get a bit sore. The big surprise was to hear the voice of Lance Armstrong on my iPod telling me I'd set a new personal record for the 10K! I guess you run faster when you want to get back inside. My route was several laps in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery in order to be able to stick to cleared pavement. I'm still getting the hang of my new heart rate monitor, I think I averaged about 155 bpm, which means I was probably running "too fast" for building endurance...

Yesterday I did a triple workout. I'd planned to go spinning at lunch hour, but a delay in completing some errands meant that I missed half the class. So I came back at dinner time and did the evening spinning class followed by half an hour more on the treadmill. It was too cold to run outside yesterday, -14C. A pipe burst in the gym during the second spinning class, setting off the fire alarm. It didn't affect my workout other than having to mentally tune out the alarm for the entire run. No running water either, so I had to go home damp and smelly.

Today's photo is a fun snap a friend took with his fish eye lens on a cold morning in September.

Listening to: Me in Honey by R.E.M. from Out of Time.


  1. Hello ! I was wondering... How do you have this "older" and "newer post" links at the botton of your page ? I've been trying for ages to get it... Could you teach me how ?
    Thx !

  2. I had something hacked together that didn't work too well, but the "older" "newer" links come free with switching to the newer Blogspot templates.

    Hope this helps!