Sep. 6, 2006

On the pad

Last night I went to the TIFF Staff pre-party for some team-building. Only three Roy Thomson Hall staff out of a dozen showed up and just to ice the cake the other two couldn't stay long. What a lousy team! This was important because we had to answer quizzes for points... I tried to "represent" and on the positive side I finally figured out how to play Sudoku. The Varsity theater crew loaned me Jill, who comes over from England every year to "work" as a Volunteer Captain, for some additional brain power.

Silliness aside, everyone's getting pumped and I've spent the morning pouring over the massive Official Festival Guide and the various schedules. This year I'm determined to get to some films other than the screenings I work.

Tonight we have a final staff walk-through and radio check at RTH and then... Lift-off!

Listening to: Beat Box (Diversion One) by Art of Noise from (Who's Afraid Of) The Art of Noise?

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