Aug. 10, 2006

It's all about Momentum

I rode up to Enduro Sport this evening to try out their Thursday evening rides. I didn't know what to expect, but what I got was a lesson in hill climbing... There were ten riders, mostly serious road racers from the Project Freeride team. They vary their workout, but tonight it was a quick ride over the Sunnybrook Park and then up and down the sides of the valley, nine times.

As a triathlete I don't spend much time drafting, because it's generally against the rules in a triathlon. Road racers on the other hand spend as much time as possible drafting, because it cuts the effort needed to maintain speed dramatically. On the climbs I was tail-end Charlie every time. Once I did manage to get the momentum right at the beginning of the climb and catch a nice draft.

Now my legs are killing me and I'm craving a big bowl of spaghetti... My next triathlon is Sunday morning out in Cobourg where my parents now live. Last year's Cobourg race was my first triathlon, it will be interesting to compare my performance and experiences.

Listening to: Graduation Day by Chris Isaak from Forever Blue.

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