Jul. 9, 2006


Sheryl and I watched the World Cup final this afternoon at my friend Brian's house. We were cheering for France (whose coach is the spitting image of Peter Sellers) after Italy's unfair victory over Australia. As everyone knows it ended in a tie in spite of a ballet of Italians clutching their ankles and was settled by penalty kicks, which Italy won. Humbug. We did have the pleasure of watching France's team captain Zidane head butt a notorious Italian player though! :-) It was a foolish reaction of course, and possibly a fatal blow to France's chances. I wonder if we'll ever know if or how Zidane was goaded into it.

Immediately after the soccer, to the sounds of reveling Italians which lasted long into the night, we watched last weekend's United States Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Speedway. The Ferraris of Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa were on the pole, a good second faster than everyone else. The Renaults that have been generally dominant this year started back in third and fifth. The first lap was filled with incident; two separate accidents took seven cars out of the running, including a triple flip for Nick Heidfeld's Sauber. Unfortunately the main collision was triggered by Juan Pablo Montoya running into the back of his McLaren team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.

Although there was no repeat of last year's farce of a six car race (because of tire safety concerns) there were still only nine cars running at the finish. Pretty high attrition! Although Massa got ahead of Schumacher early he was in his "proper place" well before the end. Alonso never really got his car under him, and was only able to hold his fifth place starting position while his team-mate did the same to finish third.

The last bit of TV for the night was watching the 2004 French documentary The World According to Bush in Newsworld's Passionate Eye time slot. Very disheartening, especially considering the misplaced hope it held out for the 2005 election. I'd forgotten that George W. didn't even have a passport until he was elected President!

Listening to: Fell On Black Days by Soundgarden from Superunknown.

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