Jul. 8, 2006

Another busy Saturday morning

A busy day, and it's only half over! Chris went to his mother last night, they left this morning for a ten day trip to Vancouver Island. I was up at 6:00 AM to get to my triathlon team's group swim/ride/picnic. The early start meant I had a chance to see deer grazing near the highway, which I always enjoy. I did a big swim in my wet-suit, but I'm still not comfortable breathing in it. Also got another rash on my neck too... This was followed by a 67 km ride on a sunny warm morning though farms and horse pastures. Very nice, except we thought it was only 60 km! I didn't bring a second water bottle, so I ended up pretty thirsty. Fortunately our team's social committee had a great picnic spread waiting for us.

Getting back home as I finished unpacking the car (triathletes need a lot of stuff) I noticed a parking officer giving everyone tickets. I jumped back in the car and circled until he was gone, but we ended up having a street party as everyone came out to discuss the tickets now on their cars... Nothing like a common enemy to unify a community!

Listening to: Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads from Remain in Light.

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