Jun. 14, 2006

A quick trip to MaRS

Yesterday I took a quick trip to MaRS to see how the place was doing. It seems to be holding up well. In fact, it's never looked better. Why the strange spelling? Well MaRS is actually a technology centre downtown beside the University of Toronto campus. Originally it stood for Medical and Related Sciences, but it immediately became just four letters as a lot of non-medical tech ventures have landed in the $450 million facilty. I was there to network with fellow technology managers. It's an award-winning "intelligent building", but guess what? Really crappy cell phone reception.

Last weekend also saw the staging of the British Formula One Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso started on pole position and stayed there. Kimi Raikkonen was second on the grid, but pit stop strategy helped Michael Schumacher, who qualified third, get his Ferrari ahead. That was pretty much the way it went. The only other activity of note was a first lap accident that took out three cars out and a few mechanical failures, most notably Jenson Button's Honda letting go on lap nine. Too bad, Jenson had been on a charge after being unable to qualify well. Curiously all eight point-earning places were held by four teams, with BMW's drivers filling the last two spots. Go Jacques!

The last weekend activity to report is that Chris wanted to see The Breakup, so we went on Saturday afternoon. The less said the better...

Listening to: Same Old Scene by Roxy Music from Street Life.

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