May 26, 2006

My wet-suit finally got wet

Christmas wet-suitI went for a swim at the pool over lunch today, as I often do on a Friday. Since my first triathlon is only a few weeks away I decided to bring my wet-suit along and actually try it out. (The photo is from the first time I pulled it on, at my brother's place over Christmas.)

Holy crap! What a difference it makes! It's very buoyant obviously, but I have less range of motion. Perhaps next time I'll be able to pull it up a bit higher and leave my shoulders freer, but even with a first-time fit I probably dropped about 20 seconds per 200m, which is huge.

It wasn't much of a workout though, as some of the other triathletes in the pool 'un-cloaked' and I spent a fair amount of time chatting. I took the wet-suit off toward the end and immediately missed it. I felt really low in the water and as if my arms were slipping through the water instead of gripping it. Better not get too used to it!

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