Apr. 15, 2006

Thank You for...

Chris and I saw Thank You For Smoking this evening. Chris wanted to see it and I was happy to inoculate him against smoking a little bit. Talk about a biting satire! The plot, as much about lobbying as it was about Big Tobacco, kept twisting in delicious ways right up to the final frame. Aaron Eckhart (who?) had the smarmy lobbyist down pat - "If you argue right, you are right." Great performances too by William H. Macy as a crusading anti-tobacco Senator and Rob Lowe as an amoral Hollywood agent (as opposed to?).

I went on another crazy 40 km bike ride along the Don again this afternoon. I rode down to have a coffee with Sheryl while Chris vegetated in front of the computer and the weather was so nice that I just couldn't help myself. I still need to get my bike's chain cleaned and some better pants... Chris got his exercise, such as it was, walking to and from the theatre with me. That was about 20 blocks each way.

Coming out of the film I noticed that Sheryl had texted me. I called her and she gave me mysterious directions to look in today's National Post. Her daughter's photo was on their society page belatedly covering the Lord of the Rings gala party! "Hobbits and hotties get it on after Mirvish's LOTR premiere." I don't dispute that she's a "hottie" but her husband is no Hobbit, standing 6'4".

Listening to: In Between Days by The Cure from The Head on the Door.

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