Mar. 13, 2006

Oh no, Mr. Rogers!

Sometimes I love technology and sometimes I hate it. These three remote controls, for three different new digital cable boxes from Rogers Cable, are an example of hated technology. From left to right they are for a digital cable box from my bedroom, a digital PVR cable box from my living room and a "high def" digital cable box from Sheryl's place. A close inspection (click on the picture) reveals that they all have different locations for important buttons like "Mute", "Info", "Page Up/Down" and "Last". They're just similar enough to confound your fingers. This kind of interface confusion stinks. Feh.

There really is a Mr. Rogers presiding over the Rogers media empire. And it seems that he does torture the little people just as Sluggo and Mr. Hands did in the Mr Bill segments from Saturday Night Live...

Listening to: Love My Way by The Psychedelic Furs from Forever Now.

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