Mar. 11, 2006

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Tomorrow morning is the first Formula One race of the 2006 season!

Yes, I'm looking forward to it. As this picture shows my favourite driver, Kimi Raikkonen, had a tough time in qualifying. He'll be starting at the back of the grid as a result. The hated Ferrari cars will be at the front, which suggests that they've overcome last season's performance problems.

Lots of changes this year. Two brand-new teams, lots of drivers switching teams, and new rules. Qualifying is now a form of elimination, engines are 2.4 L V8's instead of 3.0 L V10's, and tire changes are allowed again. I think it will all lead to more interesting races.

Tomorrow Chris will be going to a preview performance of the Lord of the Rings stage production thanks to free VIP tickets Sheryl got from her boss (the executive producer). She and I will not be going along, as we have invitations to the black tie Opening Night Gala performance and reception in two weeks. Yes, the tux has been rented. No, it's not purple.

Listening to: Where It's At by Beck from Odelay.

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