Jan. 12, 2006

Half Empty or Half Full?

Is the glass half empty or half full? An old and pedantic question. I tend to focus on what's there not on what's absent, so to me the glass is always half full. If the poser of the question is an idiot and there is a real glass in front of me I always drink it and say "now it's empty."

I thought about this as I stuggled home from the gym with half a dozen grocery bags. Lousy cook that I am I keep a well-stocked kitchen. In contrast Sheryl, who is a fantastic cook, often has an almost bare kitchen. Ironically she just complained from L.A. that the friend she is staying with is in such a small apartment that they don't even have a fridge. And not even a box of cereal in the cupboard! It's at least partially a symptom of how we manage our meals. I plan dinner thirty minutes a head by looking in the fridge, Sheryl plans dinner in the morning and shops from what she needs...

Chris is at his mother's this week, but as usual these days he comes to my house every school day for lunch. He has been enjoying little Barkley's visit and suggests that he is a better student when he sees Barkley every day. That's a pretty big hint, eh? I'm reluctant to give in though, as it is such a long commitment.

Listening to: 100 Years by Five for Fighting from The Battle for Everything.

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