Dec. 22, 2005

Party on!

It's all over the news here in Canada; our Supreme Court has ruled that private sex clubs are legal. Whoo hoo! Amazing what four women and five men can accomplish when they've got one thing on their mind. (Well, two justices did dissent.) And they look hott in those sexy, sexy robes.

It seems like we're inching towards "anything goes" these days, which is funny considering its the moral conservatives that dominate the public debate. But every time there is a loosening of our morality laws the public generally absorbs the change and when the next case comes up the court compares it to the newly adjusted "community standards". As an abstract concept I don't object to such shifts, but I wonder where it will stop. Perhaps it's gone a bit too far already.

Of course saying something isn't illegal isn't the same thing as saying it's smart. Participating in a sex club is probably a bad sign for a relationship or for the human connection that I feel only comes from an "exclusive" relationship. A really bad sign... It's also likely to be physically risky too.

Listening to: The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang from Horray for Boobies.

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