Dec. 27, 2005

I AM a Turducken

Turducken: A turkey stuffed with a duck, which has been stuffed with a chicken. Then roasted. Sounds awful, but there are Americans who swear it's a delicious meal. In my case I feel like one because I've recently eaten a Christmas Eve turkey dinner, a big Christmas breakfast, a big Christmas brunch, and a Boxing Day turkey dinner. The Boxing Day meal was actually a deferred Christmas Day dinner. Thank God we had the sense to stop the insanity. Or at least delay it...

It's been a great Christmas though. Sheryl joined us at my sister's for Christmas Eve dinner with my family (she completely won over my nieces with her decorated gingerbread cookies). My parents and my aunt from New Zealand stayed overnight at my place, so we had Christmas morning and stockings at home with Chris. Then it was back over to my sister's for family presents and a big breakfast. Chris and I then rejoined Sheryl at her daughter's for Christmas brunch, the centerpiece of which was a newly acquired "chocolate fountain" (which almost worked properly). Christmas dinner was going to be a small affair at Sheryl's, but we made a strategic decision to defer it to Boxing Day. We were stuffed!

Chris got spy books, which are a new interest of his, some DVD's and the latest Eminem and Black Eyed Peas CD's, but his favourite presents were a Roboraptor (animated electronic dinosaur), some "Thing" hands (oversized foam fists with built-in sound effects) and a Simpson's version of the board game Life. Me? I got clothes... Santa did bring me the first two seasons of the TV show Arrested Development and a triathlon wet-suit, so I can't complain. And the clothes that Sheryl got me are great. From me Sheryl got her first ever Christmas stocking, a cake decorating stand, and a nightie...

Tomorrow we repeat the whole process at my brother's. I'm driving down to Woodstock, NY with my parents and aunt to visit my brother and his little family. Eight hours in a mini van.

Listening to: Nothing.

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  1. My brother has the AD DVDs and thats honestly the only time I've watched the show. Now I'm sad it got cancelled! The holidays sounds WONDERFUL but my tummy got full just reading about it. Happy New year to you and your family, have a great time in NY!