Nov. 18, 2005

One Door Closes, Another Opens

Yesterday afternoon I sat down with my team to talk about clearing up the files of some recently departed employees. I had just started when my new boss, Gino, came into the room and asked me to join him for a minute.

Yep, it was a conversation about my own immediate "out-placement". Oh, the irony. Apparently one of my guys had the same conversation about 15 minutes later. It wasn't a big surprise to me, as Gino had been keeping me out of decisions that I should be a part of almost since he arrived. In fact I had begun keeping a diary of his actions for protective purposes. I was surprised that Bob got the boot too though. I think Gino wants to bring in his buddies.

Listening to: Smiling Faces Sometimes (Futureshock Main Ingredient Mix) by The Undisputed Truth from MOTOWN remixed.


  1. Thanks for the sympathy Mary. You went through something similar a few months ago too, didn't you?

    I guess I'm supposed to go read Who Moved My Cheese? now...