Oct. 4, 2005

Clothes Make the Man

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little influence in our society." Mark Twain said it well over a hundred years ago, and I've always found it both comic and true. Of course the steady normalisation of pornography has made people like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson famous or influential strictly because they are naked. It's a funny old world.

Enough salaciousness. Here are some interesting ways to "clothe" your laptop. Would you like a background picture for your laptop that looks like a smashed LCD? Looks like the makings of an April fools joke... The web site is in German so you'll have to rely on that picture being worth a thousand words thing.

Or how about a background picture that makes your screen seem transparent when viewed from just the right place?

Listening to: Deliver Me by The Beloved from Hed Kandi - Winter Chill 2.

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