Aug. 30, 2005

Call of Duty

I've been baby-sitting Sheryl's dog Barkley for a few days now. She's on a short trip to Montreal with her ex sister-in-law. Barkley is a little "bij-apoo". He's been good company, but my kitchen is now a mess! Chris has been enjoying Barkley's visit too. We're returning him to Sheryl's condo this morning although Sheryl won't be home until late this evening.

Now we have to make a duty call, as my mother has found herself stranded in Earlville, New York. My step-father dropped her there to visit my brother, his wife and their twin babies on the way back from a trip to Cape Cod with some friends. He had planned to return to Earlville to pick my mother up after a week, but his heart medication is not working well right now and he's not able to drive. Earlville is about seven hours away from Toronto, and just about impossible to make a connection to by plane, train, or bus. My brother has left on business, so that leaves just Chris and I to "drive the bus."

It will be nice to see my brother's family, but it's not the way I planned to spend two of my vacation days...

Listening to: Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash from Combat Rock.

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