Jul. 29, 2005

Mars: the wet planet?

Looks like the ESA Mars Express satellite has found a deposit of water ice 35 km wide in a crater on Mars. A bunch of nuts optimists, assuming such a find, have well-established plans for a permanent colony on Mars. I'm moving over before real estate gets too expensive...

Turning to earthly matters, Chris arrived home from camp today and seems to have a had a good time, Next year he wants to go for a month! He's looking pretty grubby, which is another sign of a good experience. It's good to have him back in his own bed. Funnily, it was raining when he left and when he returned. They had good weather in camp though, including their overnight canoe trip.

Listening to: Like Wow, Wipeout! by Hoodoo Gurus from Mars Needs Guitars!

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