Jul. 8, 2005

London Falling

Yesterday's news about the bombings in London had the feel of inevitable tragedy about them. Not that the people murdered or injured in the bombings were anything but innocent victims of course. Just that these kinds of morally bankrupt actions so appeal to religious zealots.

I have two friends in London, both are safe but one is shaken by it and the other was unable to contact his wife who was in the city centre at the time. Sadly, someone from one of my ad agency's sister companies has been critically injured in the attack.

These events always stir an urge to action in me, but what to do? I think the only things we can do is be vigilant without descending into vengeance, follow our own moralities as best we can and look "them" in the eye without blinking. To quote from the song that I'm listening to right now (Sing by Travis): "For the love you bring won't mean a thing. Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing", which I take to mean that you have to express your love for it to have value. In the context of this situation we each must speak out against evil and injustice to help oppose it. (This includes the failings of our G8 leaders.)

Local news: Toronto is still standing... I went on a 8K training run hosted by the Nike Store down in Yorkville last night, and while looping past Casa Loma, miles from my 'hood, I saw my friend Brian crossing the street. He was re-joining his wife and sister-in-law for dinner at the Indian Rice Factory. I briefly interrupted my run to surprise them at their table, dripping with sweat. The Indian Rice Factory has a very nice patio out back that I never knew about. In exchange I told them about Saigon Sister's patio, also peaceful but within a few meters of the Yonge and Bloor intersection (Toronto's epicenter).

Listening to: Sing by Travis from The Invisible Band.

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  1. Thank you for the comforting comments. This really does make a difference in my world. It really is amazing how one day can go from complete celebration to complete devestation. Things have been very somber the past few days.... city life is gradually picking up but every can sense the other's uneasiness. It is difficult to feel safe anywhere.....