Jul. 11, 2005

Actions, words. Which speak louder?

So the source that identified Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA officer, because her husband Joe Wilson was a critic of the "W" Bush administration, is Karl Rove. Karl was, and still is, the President's closest advisor. Nothing like a little petty vengeance at the highest levels of government to inspire literal treason.

Why is it that those who wrap themselves most tightly in their flag are the quickest to betray the values they ascribe to that overburdened cloth? To me they aren't much different from the minds that planned last week's London bombings (this evening that toll stands at 52 dead and 700 injured).

By the way Joe Wilson's criticisms, made days before the leak, were that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence on weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq. His qualification on the matter? He is a former Ambassador, and had participated directly in the investigation of the claims.

Listening to: F.E.A.R. by Ian Brown from Music Of The Spheres. And Cool Britannia.

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