May 28, 2005

Yee Haw

Today Chris' school had its spring fair, this year with a western theme. Since the school mascot is a coyote this was especially appropriate. Although the forecast predicted showers it was a warm and partially sunny day, with a great turn out. Hope I get the same weather tomorrow for my first 10K run! Chris won a photo frame that he's going to give to his mother, and ate a lot. He also spent plenty of money trying to knock people into the "dunk tank". Although he did hit the target once it didn't trigger. :-( Some of the school fathers formed a musical group called The Grateful Dads, who did an excellent job covering the Blues Brothers' song list.

Here's a photo of Chris and I "competing" at cow milking. Poor old Bessy...

We've finished dinner now and are, of course, arguing over homework. Chris has arranged to visit a friend tomorrow while I'm at my run. Being on Toronto Island the logistics are a bit complicated, but I think we've got a plan. If I can't get back by about 5:30 my friend Brian will pick Chris up. Now I'm trying to decide whether to get down by subway or bike. The main problem will be that the return trip will be all up hill... Perhaps the risk of theft is too great though, so thinking about it now I'll join the throng on the TTC.

Listening to: Ride by The Vines from Winning Days.

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