May 28, 2005

Oh, the humanity

I was at the Hugo Boss sample sale yesterday evening, and bought well over $12,000 of clothes and shoes for $2,000. It was a surreal scene, watching all the beautiful people dragging enormous plastic bags around and jamming merchandise into them with crazed looks in their eyes. Of course I was one of them, minus the "beautiful" part. All the while uniformed Boss staff were shouting out "do not open any packages!" and "using cell phones is forbidden!" It felt like a concentration camp processing centre, especially as we meekly trudged through the endless checkout line...

I didn't buy any unmentionables, but I found Googled this image for the ladies enjoyment. Sadly it's not me in the photo, but that's the kind of briefs I wear. Too much information perhaps? I did buy an amazing black leather jacket, two more jackets, three pairs of shoes, several pairs of pants and about a dozen shirts. Sheryl got me an additional 50% off some things using her staff discount. Even so, I spent a lot more than I should have. I picked out a beautiful cream-coloured short winter jacket with a fur ruff for Sheryl to think about since I got there before she did. It was priced at $300 instead of $4,000. It turned out she'd bought the same thing at last year's sample sale. No wonder I thought it would look good on her!

Listening to: The Name of the Game by Bryan Ferry from Bete Noire.


  1. Two thousand dollars? Cripes!

    I probably haven't spent that much on clothing in the past 10 years. Of course, it shows...

  2. But it works for you... I know, I was a bit shocked at myself. All straight onto VISA debt too.

  3. oh dear god. What I would do to have your credit caard in hand.

    Care to stick a Louis Vitton hangbag on that card to add to s ome debt? What's a few hundre dollars compared to your 2 grand! ;)