May 8, 2005

That was a fast week

Boy, times flies! I'll recap my week tomorrow, but I just had to post about picking up a video last night. I rented Ali G: Indahouse, a lousy movie by a funny comedian (he's a white British jew who lays on a ghetto rapper schtick).

While waiting our turn at the video store checkout we were behind a family with two kids under three. The older boy, while being persued by his father, began grabbing his bottom and complaining about having "made a poo". Meanwhile his sister, in his mother's arms, became upset and started wailing. She then managed to scatter $100 from her mother's hand onto the floor. Dad convinced his wife to give her the baby and began explaining that she should take their son to the Starbucks next door to clean him up. It took her a moment to understand the urgency. Dad tried to juggle their purchases and the baby, who was getting more and more upset. It was like a scene from a Hollywood comedy... I managed to amuse the baby with a few funny faces and they all departed without further mishaps. I had to laugh when it was all over.

Listening to: Times Like These by The Foo Fighters from One By One.

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