May 10, 2005

Big banana week

This is a "big banana week". When my son is with me I buy bigger bananas so we can share one at breakfast. When he's with his mother I buy small bananas because I don't want to eat a large one by myself... And tonight we watched Dr. Who and House, while devouring pizzas.

By the way, another favourite Eighties song has bitten the dust. Dockers is using The The's 1983 track This is the Day in a new TV advert for their clothes. This is extra bad because it's a bland cover, is only loosely related to the visuals, and has been done by my own agency (in the States). How galling. The song is about a young man realising that his life is going nowhere. However, "this is the day when things fall into place." And it's not because his mum has given him some nicely tailored yet inexpensive and stain-resistant trousers.

Listening to: This is the Day by The The from Soul Mining.

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