Mar. 4, 2005

Sports/Work Update

I've been wanting to write about this all week: but my son finally got his first hockey goal! Amusingly enough it happened during a week that he was with his mother, so she saw it and I didn't. A few days before I had joked to him as I was dropping all the gear off that I wanted him to get a goal that week so that I could be jealous of missing it! Be careful of what you wish for.

His goal tied the game against the top team in his house league, so he made a real difference with it (that was the final result). Tomorrow night he plays again, this time with me watching. I wonder if he'll be more hunting for more glory.

I wasn't able to write before as it's been a busy busy week. I've been supporting my company's executives as they prepared for a high profile off-site meeting that was held today. The last such meeting, held internally just three weeks ago, was treated very casually by everyone except the CEO. The result was that I was only brought into it with 30 minutes to go beforehand, and there were a lot of technical glitches. Rather unfairly this was largely laid at my feet, so I've been all over the preparations for this meeting. My attention has lead to an extremely smooth performance by everyone, and I even managed to arrange a "podcast" of the audio in response to a late request. Of course everyone still finished their presentations many hours after deadline and I was massaging PowerPoint slides until midnight last night.

Now that I've "proven myself" I plan to approach my CEO about the I.T. Director position that my departed friend vacated last week...

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