Nov. 5, 2004

One last political gasp...

Nice to hear that George W. is reaching out to "those who share our goals." Too bad he's not keen on reaching out to the 48% who don't. Oh, wait... He isn't reaching out, is he?

I get a real laugh out of this suggested political realignment. Of course it's a wild over-simplification. Here's an interesting county by county map of the popular vote across America, which represents voting patterns by colour intensity. My first take on it is that the physical segregation is rural/urban, which seems to loosely correlate with "conservative morality".

One interpretation of the election result is that the separation of church and state, so important to the hallowed "founding fathers" invoked by conservatives at every turn, has almost been erased. Margaret Atwood's 1986 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, presents a chilling vision of a dystopian Republic of Gilead that is starting to look prophetic. Read the book or watch the film if you want a good scare! Here's a plot summary.

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