Nov. 8, 2004

Har! Treasure ho!

My son went to his mother's the day after Halloween, but before he left he carefully boxed up his candies and hid them from me. The next day I wanted to add some of the candies I had bought but had not distributed to trick-or-treaters. It was only then I realised that he had buried his treasure like a good pirate should. It took me five days to find his stash! I debated moving it to an even better hiding place (I'm the one who hides the Christmas presents after all), but decided to leave it alone.

He comes home tonight and I think I'll watch him to see how good a poker player he is... I like the way he's starting to think. :-)


  1. I hid one of M's Christmas presents in my closet on Friday. I now have no idea where its at. Of course, if I really wanted to find it all I'd have to do is leave me alone in there for 2 minutes and he'd sniff it out.

    Funny story.

  2. I think some kids have a sixth sense when it comes to goodies!

  3. Did you add the extra candy to the hidden stash? That would be amusing to see him figure out. And then would he then ASK you if you had anything to do with it, or would he just let it lie?
    I've tried to find things I remember hiding in my childhood room when I've gone home and for the life of me, I can't. And there are some things that I definitely still don't want my parents to find!

  4. Oh, he noticed! He scanned the stash as soon as he thought he was unobserved. But he's not sneaky enough to stop himself from yelling out "There's more!" :-)

    Lost childhood treasures... Reminds me of Amelie. Remind me to remind everyone to rent it. Who knows who will inadvertently find your stash again. Sounds like you've lost your bong pipe rather than a collection of special baseball cards though.

    Thanks for dropping in ShyGirl. I found your blog recently and I have the feeling that you're not really that shy. But I like that a lot.

  5. Lost stashes:
    -list of boys I liked, updated every six months
    -homemade naked paper doll, idealized version of what I wished I looked like at that age (was a late bloomer)
    -collection of found robin egg shells
    -suicide notes...they were a good venting strategy
    -love notes from my first boyfriend (VERY incriminating)
    -five naked girls made of molding clay
    -hideous teddy and garter belt(before I developed taste)

    Also, I AM pretty shy in real life. That's why I need a secret one, to balance things out.

  6. Well I hope your stash is found by archaeologists a thousand years from now and is the only evidence left of our civilization. What an interesting view of the 20th century that would provide! :-)

  7. You should post more often.

    Toronto, eh? I'm not sure you could handle that ;)

    AND...I was at my parent's this weekend and I couldn't find most of those stashes, so who knows...they might be lost to me, but perhaps the archaeologists will have more luck.

  8. Wow, you're right, it has been a week since my last post. Time flies, and I know how y'all hang on my every word. I'll put some thoughts down later tonight.

    As far as your threat goes, you can't scare me by going all Scent Of A Woman on me, Ms. Pacino. :-)