Oct. 15, 2004

Po' Lazarus is Risen

Six weeks ago my old car, a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier expired. (I offer this information with some embarrassment. I'm not even going to tell you that its colour is referred to as"maroon".) As I was on the final leg of a long trip I heard rattling/grinding noises coming from the engine and the water temperature shot up. I nursed it around the corner to my local GM dealer for a diagnosis, thinking "water pump, not too bad". The next day they reported that the "engine needed to be replaced". I forget their actual wording. I nursed it home and parked it while I pondered my options.

Because I live in the middle of town very close to my office and have great local shops I rarely use my car. I only drive for bigger shopping trips, to meet friends, or to take my son somewhere when he's with me. I've also just had to replace my furnace because it failed an inspection, so my finances are stretched very thin. Perhaps, I thought, I can just get a cab when I need to get somewhere in a hurry, or rent a car when I know I have a lot of errands. I also looked at buying a new, or new-ish, car but the payments and change in insurance were prohibitive. Did I mention that my finances are stretched very thin?

Well my son's hockey season is upon us (i.e. tomorrow night). So I decided to get a second opinion before junking my car and renting something for this weekend. Well guess what...

My car didn't need a new engine, it needed a new alternator. That's about 1/50th as expensive. So thanks to the healing hands of Canadian Tire's mechanics my wheels have risen from their grave. Never trust a dealership! And in particular don't trust Brennan Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd.

My Baby! But purple. Wait, I think aubergine sounds better.


  1. Hey !
    So I'm the guy from Sure.Fine.Whatever lol (call me geoffrey if you prefer) and I'm really sorry because I haven't answered to your nice comment, thing that I always do so ... well ... now it's done.
    Well, what else .. err... you're blog is cool and I REALLY LOVE your blog title, no really it rocks ! So I've linked you (hope you don't mind).

    C ya

    PS: and yeah, you're right that's more aubergine than purple.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Geoffrey. The title just popped into my mind when I started thinking about blogging. I like the evocative but indeterminate quality it has. I haven't been blogging very long but it's fun to have a mechanism that allows me to reflect on life.

    I like your blog too, but I haven't decided how I want handle such links. I'm not crazy about long lists down the side of the screen. I'm looking around for a way to use pop-up menus to hold them.

    The car, well that's a mixed blessing. Now that it's rolling again I am reminded of what a clunker it is. It's never made a good impression on dates. But perhaps that helps scare off the superficial types...

    See you on the 'net!