Sep. 24, 2004

Step Away from the Knife

Sometimes you just can't make up these things... At the end of August I gave my eleven year old son, "C", a little Swiss Army Knife I had been keeping in the glove box of my car (now deceased, so I'm temporarily a pedestrian). He was delighted to have it and spent a lot of time examining it, determining whether it needed cleaning, and considering it possible uses in daily life. A few days later he was at his Mother's ("BB") house getting ready for the first day of Grade Six and had a conversation that went like this:

C: Can I take my knife to school to show to my friends?
BB: I don't know. Why don't you take it to school and ask your teacher?

An hour later...
C: Ms. H, is OK for me to show my Swiss Army Knife to my friends?
Ms. H: Let's ask the Principal after I've pinned you to the ground.

Ten minutes later:
Me (answering cell phone): Hello?

Luckily this is Canada so there were no SWAT teams involved. In fact even the "pinned to the ground" is artistic license. Still what the hell was my Ex thinking?

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