Sep 16, 2004

What fresh Hell is this?

Blogging… Everybody's doing it, why not me? I've had a really lame web site up for years that I call my "cobweb". It's mainly a place to put the Macintosh software I've written and give away but is all obsolete now. I thought I'd also use my web site as a journal but that hasn't happened. Maybe these handy blogging tools will remove the technical impediments (as opposed to the usual time excuses.)

Why The Martian Time-Slip? Well mainly because it sounds a bit mysterious, un-like me. Also it's the title of a fascinating Philip K. Dick novel set on Mars which deals with the nature of reality and the human mind. Don't judge his books by Blade Runner, Total Recall or Minority Report. They're… quite different from the films. The Martian Time-Slip also refers to the fact that a Martian day is 37 minutes longer than our terrestrial one. Some people who think about these things suggest that clocks on Mars should stop during those extra minutes so we could use our terrestrial time system there.

Here's what I've just realised – this blog is my 37 minute escape from Earth. A place to reflect and re-orient until the clocks start ticking again… Also The Martian Time-Slip would be a great name for a dance. Maybe someday it will be the new dance club sensation. Guess I'd better get to work on the steps.


  1. What an awesome perspective. I love the concept. Time to go read a bit more out here in space ;)

  2. A long, long time ago, i read a book named "The moon was my earth"... after reading the title, i knew the author was going to be talking about me, and i wasn't wrong ;-)
    I liked your blog.!!