Jan. 10, 2010

The Forty-Year Punchline

I never realised until last night that the title of the comic strip Andy Capp was a pun on the word "handicap"! I just took it as a simple reference to the main character's omnipresent headgear... I present this as a public service to others in similar need of enlightenment. This long-delayed revelation is the funniest part of that comic for me.

Not much to else to report. I'm ending a de facto vacation from triathlon. I haven't swum or cycled since my last race back in September. This week I've returned to the pool and started spinning again. I'll also add a few trainer rides or CompuTrainer workouts into the weekly mix. I've got a lot of ground to cover again.

I've been nursing a pinched nerve in my neck since Christmas Day, which has made training a bit unpredictable lately. It's also made my Shopping Channel appearances using various fitness equipment a bit dicey. Thank god for back pain medicine!

I took time off this Fall partially to refresh my mind but mainly to spend more time with my 16 year-old son Chris. Unfortunately that part of the plan didn't work out as he's been fairly distant and moderately hostile, choosing to spend large periods of time at his mother's house rather than live by the rules here. Frustrating and quite sad for me, but perhaps this is part of his search for independence. I hope we find a way to enjoy time together again.

Listening to: Fireflies by Owl City from Ocean Eyes.

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