Oct. 15, 2009


OK, it's been "forever" since I posted. I've been wasting my energy again arguing with climate change denialists. This weekend I'll be running on the Toronto Marathon, so that means that I'll owe myself THREE race reports. Ugh.

But today I saw a photo of Mars on the Bad Astronomy website captured by the HiRISE orbiter... Wow. The black tracks are the product of dust devils. It's a wonderful world we live in. Click on the image to read more about it.

Nov. 6th update: The Big Picture, another internet fav over at The Boston Globe, has posted a series of juicy Martian images. Check them out here.

Took an eight year-old to see a preview of Where The Wild Things Are yesterday. Who knew you could make a film about a ten sentence book? Interesting, but personally I preferred District 9...

Listening to: Hell Yes by Beck from Guero.

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