Jan. 28, 2009

Misheard Remarks

Elderhostel CoverMy friend Sheryl is recently back from two weeks in Australia. They flew on Qantas Airlines and had some "adventures" getting down there... However this fact is just background for a conversation Sheryl's daughter had with her young son. For some reason she was answering a question about Jesus and she told him that Pontius Pilate had condemned Jesus to death. Her son was aghast; "A Qantas pilot killed Jesus?" Now that's an LOL.

I've just started teaching the Running Room's winter Marathon clinic. We have a great turnout of 37 people and they're all experienced enough that we can do some good runs together. There is lots of running ahead of us, the goal race is the Ottawa marathon on May 24th, with the Chilly Half on March 1st and the Around the Bay race on March 29th. This will be the third time I've run the Around the Bay race - 30K with plenty of hills and often cold, wet conditions. It should be a good clinic, especially as I have drafted a friend as co-instructor to help out.

A friend of mine who is in two of my worlds sent me an e-mail about my modeling. She's a Running Room clinic instructor and also responsible for the Ontario Tourism photo shoots that I've done. It was a surprise for both of us when our paths crossed at the Running Room. Anyway she just sent me a proof of my first cover shot! Hurray! Now the fame and accolades will begin to pour in! It's a travel brochure for "Elderhostel, Adventures in Lifelong Learning"... :-)

We had a brutal winter storm today, and I ended up arriving late for my booking on The Shopping Channel. Ugh. Fortunately it was a show where we swapped back and forth so my modeling partner did the first half and I did last. The other two shows were fine and as the equipment was pretty conventional cardio equipment (a treadmill and an elliptical) I could actually log it as real training time. Training is going well, I'm getting some good indoor rides in, taking the swimming seriously again, and getting lots of running done in spite of the poor weather. I just need to increase the cycling volume a bit.

Listening to: Eleanor Rigby (Soulwax Remix) by Beatles vs. Kraftwerk from Soulwax Presents Hang All DJ's Volume 5. The electronic undertones really magnify the bleak feeling of the original Beatles tune...

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