Aug. 27, 2008

Penticton Perspective

I'm back from Ironman Canada, more or less in one piece. It was simultaneously a fabulous experience and a disappointment, so I'm still processing it. This is complicated by the fact that I've dived straight in to working at the Toronto International Film Festival box office and have only had about two hours sleep since I returned to Toronto...

So here's the short version of my race: I loved the Okanagan Valley, I loved the challenge and beauty of the race course and I loved the spirit the community showed hosting the race. But bad stomach cramps in the first 12 miles of the marathon added over an hour to my race and meant that I didn't meet my race expectations. My final time was 12:16:48, about 90 minutes behind my goal. Tantalizingly, it looks like my goal time could have earned me a spot at the World Championships in Hawaii! I was 91/246 in my age group, 10:48:00 would have got me the last slot...

Full report to come later.

Listening to: I Just Want To Celebrate (Mocean Worker Remix) by Rare Earth from Motown Remixed.

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