Jul. 16, 2008

Mountain Stage

I've spent several hours this morning riding my bike trainer while watching Stage 10 of the Tour de France. It was a mountain stage, which inspired me to push myself a bit. My upcoming Ironman race out in B.C. will have some significant climbs and I need to get some equivalent training under my belt. My son slouched on the sofa beside me playing Flash web games until he could return to his Xbox 360...

Open Water Swim ClinicEarlier this evening I helped lead an open water swimming clinic for my triathlon club. We swam down at Balmy Beach in Lake Ontario. Seventeen members turned up for it, and the water temperature was actually pretty good. Nice workout too.

This weekend (actually tomorrow evening) I'll be driving down to Lake Placid for three purposes: get some big hills under my belt on a massive training ride, cheer on team mates that are racing in Ironman USA this Sunday, and sign up for next year's race... Sheryl and Chris will be coming along, we'll also be visiting my brother and his family north of New York City and spending a few days in New York as well. Its going to be a hectic week!

Listening to: I Love to Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix) by Moby from I Love To Move In Here.

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