Apr. 1, 2008

Around the Bay, around the street

The Remains of the BoneI'm babysitting Sheryl's dog Barkley while she's away for the better part of a month. Today I had a t-bone steak for dinner, and as a result Barkley got his first-ever beef bone. He knew just what to do with it... He's been a good house guest so far, with only a few accidents. He finds my development very exciting from a sniffing perspective. but is unsure about the sounds coming out of storm sewer covers. We went on a road trip Monday evening, visiting my mother overnight so I could help her get a new printer installed.

I ran in the 2008 Around the Bay race last Sunday in Hamilton. A cold day, but actually better conditions that usual... There were 4485 participants, I beat 3963 of them! Not that I'm competitive or anything. I ran a 2:22:48, about 2 minutes slower than last year, but I was a ultimately too hot with warm layers that weren't easily adjustable. There was a headwind for the last 3 K which was tough. I traveled out with two friends who were running the race as a relay, 15K each. They were a lot fresher than I was after it was all over. Myself, I had some very sore calves and a small almost-blister on the inner side of my left foot.

The crowd is readyAt the start I found myself in the porta potty line with one minute to go but was still able to make it up near the front before the gun. I crossed the start line another minute later. That's what 4500 racers will do! It took about 5 K to get some clear road in front of me. Then I just ground it out... I took a few short walking breaks, but generally held to my pace. I love the indoor area finish line. It's great for recovery and spectators and adds some drama. I never manage to make arrangements with my friends to meet in a particular seating section though. That would be such a civilized way to find each other.

Here are my stats:


CategoryCategory PlaceGender Place
Men 45 - 4978/485457/2394
10km Split47:06(46:13)
20km Split1:34:32(48:19)
30km Split2:23:55(49:23)

I spent a day about a month ago shooting a cheap Brand Power commercial for Dare's Simple Pleasures snack bars. It's already airing! I'm on screen for about five seconds. :-)

Listening to: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk from Discovery.

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