Apr. 21, 2008

Boy, that was quick.

The Sprockets International Film Festival for Children has been and gone. I only volunteered for one theatre shift, although I worked several days before and after. It seemed to go by very quickly as a result. I still enjoyed the post-festival party at the Drake... I only saw a bit of one film, La Citadelle assiégée, a Canadian/French co-production about life within an African termite mound. Lots of interesting microphotography, but even the boys who I thought would love the scenes of inter-species combat were grossed out by it! A volunteer who watched most of the screening said she felt really itchy afterwards.

Sheryl's still in Australia visiting family, so keeping her little dog Barkley has been my main preoccupation. He's getting four walks a day to reduce the risk on indoor poops, which has been mostly successful. I've been keeping up my training, although sometimes it's a bit tricky. Last Wednesday I wanted to get to my triathlon club's Computrainer session but I was working, off and on, at The Shopping Channel all day. A slight last minute juggling of our air times gave me enough of a window to race back into town for the workout. I didn't even change out of my "on-air" gear and managed to forget my cell phone and wallet, but I got the session in! On the weekend I did a half marathon-distance training run, which was tough but satisfying. I need to get my aching calves looked at though, it feels like I might be verging on a shin splint.

Today was busy, two "go-sees" at opposite ends of town, a hope of getting a swim workout in between them, and a ticket for an afternoon screening at the Hot Docs documentary film festival. The first go-see was a really big call and I ran into a bunch of girls from my modeling agency so I had someone to chat with while I waited for the 50(!) people ahead of me to be seen. In the end I was called up ahead of schedule, which I think was a good sign. That shoot would entail two weeks in the Dominican Republic! I was still there much longer than anticipated, so the swim workout got dropped and I had to drive down to the Hot Docs screening rather than enjoy a bike ride there. Hot Docs isn't closely associated with the Toronto International Film Festival, but there were lots of TIFF acquaintances there anyway.

I'd bought my ticket for the screening of Cuban Song, which was being shown with Blood and Incense. Both documentaries had no narrative. Cuban Song was good, but I find those latin beats so fluid and relaxing that I often, well, fall asleep! Interesting footage, and they used six different performances of one song to tie the film together. The other film, Blood and Incense, was a surprise for me. It dealt with cock fighting in Bali, and used a fascinating blend of stills, video and freeze-frame stills to portray the Balinese ceremonies and cock fighting contests. Some pretty gruesome imagery, but the impressionistic way it was presented was very effective. Hot Docs goes on for the rest of the week, I might try to get to another screening.

Listening to: What A Day That Was by Talking Heads from Stop Making Sense.

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